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Avatar Retexture Commissions

Hi! I specialize in retexturing models for plush or realistic latex, whether seamless or assembled! I haven't done any vinyl pooltoys yet but I'm willing to give it a try! At this time I can't offer detailed animations (e.g. dances), most mesh edits or custom meshes, nor fully-custom avatars.


Option Price
Avatar Color+Texture (incl. 2 clothing item recolors) $75-125
3+ clothing item recolors (total) +$25
Additional Avatar Styles (same character design) +$50-75

Commissions start at $75 USD for the retexture, ranging up to $125 maximum depending upon the complexity of your character and the avatar I'm working on (e.g. winged characters are automatically $100-125 due to the added work involved). The base price includes retexturing up to two garments. Arm and leg warmers are considered separate garments. Retexturing of additional garments can be added for $25 (total, not per garment).

Garments added to the Unity project but not recolored, or with very minor recoloring, are free.

Additional avatar styles (plush, latex, etc) may be added for $50-75 each, as each new style involves significant additional work.

Additional graphic or animation requests may cost extra depending on the work involved. Some of these I can do quite simply and others require a fair bit more planning, such as adding AudioLink-reactive zones to your avatar or clothes.

Available Avatar Bases & Clothing Packs

I can texture any avatars or clothing listed here for no extra fee! I'm happy to work with any avatars or clothes not listed here, but 25% of the price of that item will be added to the commission price.

Please note you must own a copy of the bases used in your commission. Exported projects will not include base assets, only materials, scenes, variants, and overrides that depend on the originals.



These items fit multiple Winterpaw canines:


Other Species


What's Included

Unless otherwise discussed, a commission from me for a retexture of a model consists of the following:

  • Complete retexturing of the avatar's body materials, formated for the current version of Poiyomi Shader unless a different shader is requested:
    • Patterns, markings, and coloration of the body, hair, and attached body parts (e.g. tail or wings), excluding clothing that is part of the main avatar mesh
    • Normal/height maps for these materials, such as:
      • fur texture
      • fabric texture
      • latex or vinyl or fabric creases/wrinkles
      • overlap seams on latex or vinyl or stitching on plush
      • raised surfaces such as glued-on or stitched-on markings
    • Metallic/gloss maps for shiny surfaces, metallic surfaces, and specular that covers the texture behavior such as polish or semi-gloss surfaces
  • Retexturing of garments:
    • Two garments are included; three or more are an addtional charge.
    • Minor color adjustments of existing assets are included, e.g. changing the frame color of glasses from blue to red.
    • Any number of unmodified assets may be added to the Unity scene at no cost.
  • A Unity package containing:
    • texture image files
    • Unity materials for those textures
    • a Unity scene for the PC avatar including:
      • Materials attached to a prefab variant of the model
      • Requested garments attached as appropriate
      • Additional accessories either attached to the prefab or in a root 'offload' container
    • Quest variants of avatars may be available, but may incur an extra charge depending on the work involved.
  • Source files for commissioned image assets, such as Substance Painter files, Affinity Photo documents, or PSDs
  • Fixes for any issues or glitches you discover in the material including coloring issues or missed blemishes

When we discuss the details of your commission, you can choose whether work on your commission may be streamed, if it is allowed by Twitch. During a stream I may work on multiple commissions without completing all work for any one commission, because some of the Unity knob-twiddling is fairly dry.

For most avatars I can supply a guide for uploading the avatar, and support for the upload process should you run into any issues.

What's Not Included

  • Any paid or free base assets such as avatars, clothing, or accessories
  • Unity project dependencies like the VRChat SDK, VRCFury, or Poiyomi Shaders
  • Additional Unity packages such as Thry's Performance Tools, or avatar conversion tools, e.g. UniVRM or SDK3-to-CCK

Commission Terms

In order to make things work out well between us, I want to set a few ground rules to protect me and protect you in case of disputes or issues.

Acceptable Content

I will not draw, create, or depict the following:

  • Sexual or suggestive depictions of minor characters
  • Scat, urine, or gas
  • Gore or death
  • Destructive shaders that impact other players' experiences
  • A character that is not your own, except for gifts, in which case I will request the recipient's contact details as well to send a link to the assets when you are ready for me to send them.
  • Retexturing on a custom avatar for you without permission from the original artist, whether explicit or part of their policies

I will not upload your avatar via my account, though I may be able to help you rank up to allow you to upload it yourself.

Payments and Refunds

  • Exact pricing of your commission will be discussed before I begin work. I require a 50% deposit; I will send you an invoice for this amount.
  • Your deposit is fully refundable until work begins. After work begins, a prorated refund is available.
  • Once work is complete, I will invoice the remaining 50%. I will send the project and package files upon receipt of payment.
  • Payments will be collected via PayPal, or a similar agreed upon platform if PayPal is not available for you. No alternative payment methods will be accepted, e.g. gift cards, game codes, cryptocurrency, or trades.

Ready to commission?

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