coyotes in space - story list

One for the Road
Cody, a coyote in his late 20s, has been abandoned at a truck stop in the far north of the continent he lives on, with no one he knows who can come help him, and a threat of being kicked out since all bunks are taken, rather than letting him sleep in a waiting area. An unusual traveler -- a timberwolf trucker made entirely of rubber and air, named Brandon -- offers him a way out: ride with him to keep him company on the long, lonely routes, and he can stay for free. Cody's existing fascination with rubbery things, plus the mire of the situation, disarms him of most inhibitions he'd have towards accepting an offer to travel, and so he joins Brandon on the treks across the continent, finding more than just friendship, but maybe a start to recovering from the trauma of what brought him there to begin with.