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Camping dreams are weird

Dreams are so weird sometimes. And fun! I had a dream last night that somehow evolved into hearing that it was too late for hikers to start on the northbound (NOBO) hike of the Appalachian Trail. And I was hiking it apparently, along with some friends. I remember looking around for stuff on the trail, but as it got later, I ended up stopping for the night at a shelter.

A good friend of mine who's big in pooltoys said "Yeah man, you can't beat the classics" in a voice I absolutely know I've heard him use IRL, but he was using it about a backpack that converted into a cot instead of a toy. I dunno why he was there, pfft. But it was still neat! Talked briefly to folks before going to sleep.

The next morning my parents were somehow involved, and I was getting ready to pack up for the day, but apparently not hiking out yet, cause my sister and brother-in-law said something about messing up something on my car. Don't know why it was there. But then they were confused that we weren't yet leaving for the trail and would be spending the day in-town.

As part of the day, I left to go buy supplies, but ended up buying lotto tickets. Turned around after buying them, and started wandering, only to find what looked like an entrance to a spacious Artist's Alley in a furry convention, and peeking in, I found a good friend of mine. Wandered over and said hey, and got a big warm hug, and I remember it making me super happy to see him, hee.

Weird, but fun dream! I'd love more happy camping/backpacking/hiking dreams!

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