Coyotes in Space - Longer update

Longer update

Because it's been so long since my last post on here, it's...been quite a lot I've gone through over the past 3 years. I've been working from home, moved, fell in love with a wonderful walf, and now am leaving my job of 10.5 years to move on to something infinitely less hateful.

It's funny, I wanted to update this because I've wanted to be able to make longer posts, but none really come to mind at-present. I'm just kinda out of it, tired, but I'm gonna have more uses soon.

With the Twitter exodus, I've been happy to host more folks on my Mastodon instance, and been thrilled to see the fediverse not only thriving but growing. It's a fantastic example of how decentralization really can be the future, just not the stupid shitcoin model every techbro has been trying to peddle.

Been doing a TON of baking over the past several years. I actually do want to make a post documenting all of this, but when I have more time and have had more sleep. I'd love to ramble like hell, and also write on the regular about my baking stuff. But for now, I think this'll do.