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What Prompts Fursona Changes

This is kind of a weird post as a hello again to my site, but after seeing a take that rubbed me very much the wrong way, in part because I've seen it many times since 2016, I wanted to write up: Fursona Changes.

Right now there's a meme-type quote-RT …

Fursona Sundries

An unusual post this time! I've been thinking about the background for Kay, both as a fursona and a character, and figured that there's a LOT of attributes a regular refsheet type thing wouldn't cover. So, I'm putting together a page for it here on the site! I'll probably play …

Starting Blog

Oh, hey.

I guess I should start up a simple blog thing here as part of my site, heh! I've been wanting to make a nice simple site more than just my regular homepage, so here we are.

I'm also going to see if I can't autopost to my Blimpstodon …